Porro – Porcacchi – MALTA – 1576


Porro – Porcacchi – MALTA – 1576


Porro, Girolamo (1520-1604) – Porcacchi, Tommaso (c.1530-1585) – 1576

Title of Map: MALTA

Engraver: Porro, Girolamo

Author: Thomaso (sic) Porcacchi, Porcacchi Da Castiglione, Thomaso


Publisher: Appresso Giorgio Angelieri, A Instantia di Simon Galignani De Karera

Place: Venice.

Year: 1576

Engraving size: 104 x 143mm

Printing method: copper engraving

Description: As there was no change in the copperplate from which the 1572 map was printed, only the differences in the type setting of the text and other features will be noted. In the headpiece two cherubs are supporting a vase in the centre, flanked on either side by a grotesque mask and a closed metal pot. Below the map, there are 14 lines of text, a historiated ‘F’ with two animal figures in black border (33 x 32mm) and a marginal note at the bottom on the left Malta / perche co-/si detta, with the word Malta being lower than the penultimate third line.

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