MÜLLER, Johann Ulrich (1653-1715) – MALTHA – 1702 – SOLD

MÜLLER, Johann Ulrich (1653-1715) – MALTHA – 1702 – SOLD


MÜLLER, Johann Ulrich (1653-1715) – 1702

Title of Map: MALTHA

Engraver: G. Karsch and Georg Conrad Bodenehr

Draughtsman: Sigismund G. Hipschman

Author: Müller, Johann Ulrich

Title: Neu-außgefertigter / Kleiner Atlas.

Publisher: Johann Philipp Andrea (1654-1722), George Kühnen

Place: Frankfurt, ben Johann Philipp Andrea, Anno 1702.

Year: 1702

Engraving size: 55 x 68mm (image), 68 x 77mm (including border)

Verso: blank

Printing method: Copper engraving

Description: The map is in the upper half of the sheet with page number XCVIII at the top centre. The text in the lower half in German mentions the Maltese and the Italian islands in 10 verses, with a decorative tailpiece of flowers at the bottom centre. It was published in Müller’s small atlas titled eu=ausgefertigter Kleiner Atlas… published in Franckfurt by Philipp Andrea in 1702 in two volumes. It was one of the first pocket atlases in Germany. Müller and Andreae reused the Bodenehr maps and added furthermore new ones engraved by Karsch. The Malta map is inserted in part 1 with the description of the island of Malta (p. 634-636).The maps were engraved by G. Karsch and Georg Conrad Bodenehr after Sigismund G. Hipschman. This book seems to be a reissue of Müller’s atlas Geographia Totius Orbis Compendaria, published in Ulm in 1692, but it is not known whether this Malta map also appeared in that edition. The said Kleiner Atlas has a frontispiece in Latin, apart from the German title page, which reads: Atlas Minor Orbis Terrae cum suis partibus Europa, Asia, Africa, et America per tabulas praesentatus. G. C. Bodenehr Sc. Aug. It is a very rare atlas. Müller’s map was modelled on Pierre Du Val’s miniature map ISLE DE MALTHE with its place names and graduation in the border. However, Gozo which was barely pinpointed by Müller was left out and the scale bar was also omitted.


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