DE WIT, Frederick (1629/1630 – 1706) – INSULA MALTA – 1680


DE WIT, Frederick (1629/1630 – 1706) – INSULA MALTA – 1680


DE WIT, Frederick (1629/1630 – 1706) – 1680

Title of Map: INSULA MALTA

Cartographer: De Wit, Frederick


Publisher: De Wit, Frederick

Place: Amsterdam

Year: 1680

Engraving size: 440 x 538mm

verso: blank

Printing method: copper engraving, with contemporary colouring

Description: This map shows the Maltese islands in the centre, with the southern coasts of Sicily and Sardinia , and the northern coast of Africa from Bizerta to Tripoli, with a large inset of the Malta harbour at the bottom right corner. It is meant to give Malta’s geographical position, but it is quite misleading as it places Tunisia very much to the south of Malta. The map, which has a decorative border, measures 443 x 536mm and it is measured ‘25’ at the top right corner. The distortion of Malta’s geographical position came about because the map was modelled on the map by Sebastien de Pontault de Beaulieu.


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