BRAUN & HOGENBERG – [1572-1576?] – MALTA

BRAUN & HOGENBERG – [1572-1576?] – MALTA


BRAUN & HOGENBERG – [1572-1576?]

Title of Map: MALTA.

Place: Cologne

Year: [1572-1576?]

Engraving size: Malta map 158 x 232mm

Verso: An edition with Latin text page 50. Another German edition with page 51.

Printing method: copper engraving

Notes: The map is one of four printed on a composite sheet. The other maps show Cagliari, Rhodes harbour and Famagusta in Cyprus.This map is also found in Theatrum Celebriorum Urbium Italiae Johannes Janssonius 1657 page 48. Description: Some time after a privilege was granted, the words Cum Privilegio were incised on the copperplate in the narrow margin which separated the map of Malta from that of Famagusta on the right half of the sheet.


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