BODENEHR, Gabriel – MALTA od. VALLETTE – 1720 – SOLD

BODENEHR, Gabriel – MALTA od. VALLETTE – 1720


BODENEHR, Gabriel – 1720

A very rare plan of Valletta titled:

MALTA / od. VALLETTE / auf der Insul / MALTHA, Weillen in unserm / vorigen grundriss, / schon alles ausführ- / lich beschrieben, ist. / jetzo mehrers nicht / zu sagen als dafs- / ctiefer gemacht wor- / den, weillen er neu- / er und ausführlicher / gezeichnet als vori- / ger, zu handen kom- / men, damit der un- / terschied jedwedem / judico überlassen / wird.

Showing fortifications, ditches, manderaggio, buildings and street pattern.

Engraved by Joh.Stridbeck junior from the famous book : FORCE D’EUROPE supplement 2 (c.1722/23), and published by Gabriel Bodenehr the elder, in Augsburg 1720.

This copper engraving measures 165 x 339 mm and its verso is blank.

Key to placenames in left-hand margin, marked A-Z and 1-7, captioned: Erklarung der / Buchstaben und / zieffern.

The plan is printed on two sheets joined together on the right side. This has also been noticed on a second copy of the same plan. The legend is in German but the place names are in French, with MARE MEDITERRANEO along the head. The plan is similar to d’Aleccio’s plan of Valletta of 1582.


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