BLAEU, Johannes (1596 – 1673) – MELITE INSVLA, Vulgo MALTA.- 1662


BLAEU, Johannes (1596 – 1673) – MELITE INSVLA, Vulgo MALTA.- 1662


BLAEU, Johannes (1596 – 1673) – 1662

Title of Map: MELITE INSVLA, / Vulgo / MALTA.

Cartographer: Joannes Bleau


Publisher: Joannes Bleau

Place: Amsterdam

Year: 1662 – Latin, 1663 – French edition, 1665 – Dutch, 1667 – French edition, 1667 – German edition

Engraving size: 440 x 555mm

Verso: blank

Printing method: copper engraving

Description: This part of the atlas is dedicated to F. Anneto de Clermont de Chates Gessan… Magno Magistro…. Fra Annet was elected Grand Master of the Order of Saint John in February 1660, but he died soon after, on June 2nd , after almost four months of reign, at the age of 73. Blaeu must have optained his patronage for the publication of the third part of volume nine on his election as Grand Master or not long before, when the atlas was being planned. Blaeu’s map was based for the most part on that of Matteo Perez D’Alecio (1547-before 1616) published in Rome in 1582, which was re-engraved with the same features by Anon Francesco Lucini and published in 1631. This can be seen not only from the repetition of d’Aleccio’s place names, but from the religious iconographic vignette on Blaeu’s map which is a replica of d’Aleccio’s vignette at the top centre of his map.

This map has detailed place names. The orientation of the map is towards West with wind directions in border. The title of the map is within a decorative cartouche. The map depicts the Holy Trinity with saints in a large vignette at the top-left corner and a large naval battle scene on the right side of the map.

map is in very good condition


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