BASSET, Paul-André – Vue de Malthe du côté du Fort. – 1798c

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BASSET, Paul-André – Vue de Malthe du côté du Fort. – 1798c


BASSET, Paul-André – 1798c

Title of Map: Vue de Malthe du côté du Fort.

Publisher: A Paris chez Basset rue St. Jacques a Ste Genevieve

Place: Paris

Year: 18th century (1798)

Plate size: 296 x 426 mm

Printing method: copper engraving

Notes: Vue d’optique in full colour

Description: A view of pure fantasy, showing turban-clad figures and fashionable couples disporting themselves in boats or along the quayside. The view is framed by ruinous and romantic fortifications. A naval battle is taking place in the distance as if for the amusement of the onlookers.
This view has passed on the Jacques Chereau and changed his imprint at the bottom, yet there is another copy without any imprints, yet the titles front and back have been changed to Ile de Malte. du côté du fort.

References: The long-lived family business of Basset was clearly one of the most successful in this field. It was in existence from 1720 to 1865. Their popular prints were not made to be admired as objects d’art: they were roughly engraved and rapidly coloured. Most depicted views of topical interest or religious imagery and were manufactured for a mostly uncultured and unsophisticated audience. But the very popularity of these engravings insured that most were destroyed or lost after their usefulness expired. Today these valuable engravings are thus scarce and of much historic importance.


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