AVELINE, Antoine – CHÉREAU, Jacques – Les Villes Forts et Châteaux de MALTE… c 1750



AVELINE, Antoine (1691–1743), CHARPENTIER, Etienne (1704-1793)CHÉREAU, Jacques (1688-1776)

 Title of View:      Les Villes Forts et Châteaux de MALTE Capitale de l’Jsle de ce nom scituée / en la Mer Mediterranée entre la Sicile et l’Affrique:recommendable par ses Ports / et Fortifications, etant le Boulvart de la Chresiente et la sejour ordinaire des Che= / valiers de l’Ordre de St. Jean de Jerusalem. / Dessignée sur le lieu par vne Ing.r du Roy.

Dist./ Features:    A very rare early 18th century bird’s-eye-view of Valletta, Malta. The view looks down onto Fort St Elmo with the Floriana Lines presented in exceptional detail. A wide array of vessels are shown coming into and out of the port city which is known to be one of the finest in the Mediterranean formed by a natural peninsula situated within a deep water bay.

Engraver:             Antoinne Aveline, this map signed by Jacques Chereau and is in its fourth state.

map is in very good condition and comes in an antique mahogany Maltese frame


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