About ICQUANTUM – Antique Maps, Views, Books Of Malta

ICQUANTUM specialises in rare antique maps, views, engravings and books related to Malta. Contact me or browse through the web site for any exclusive and rare products from my Melitenisa collection.

The concept that led to the birth of ICQUANTUM is to involve people investing in prestigious products being home, commodities, and relative items. The intention and involvement provided is a must in nowadays standards, therefore quality and guaranteed products is an obligation.

Since I believe that every application has its own requirements, ICQUANTUM can offer unequalled products combined with an exclusive range of ideas with a balanced and excellent quality-price ratio for every budget.

Your purchase should be a passion and a pleasure of acquisition, as the investment should not only be monetary but even a personal one of what it’s worth.

Antique Malta maps, views, and books.

My major hobby is the research of Melitensia. I specialise in antique Malta maps, views and books.

I have been collecting and studying intensely about 20 years. I am a founder member and former Honorary Treasurer of the Malta Map Society till end 2022, and I contributed in articles and the publication of books related to maps and views of Malta. Occasionally I am asked by local and foreign auctioneers, dealers, universities, libraries, museums and other related entities to contribute in checking, correcting, and updating data on antique Malta maps and views. This certificate of trust encouraged me to offer Melitensia, personal or commissioned, and I am willing to offer a discreet and professional valuation service to your investment for any current needed purpose of it’s worth.

Antique Maps, views and books are already a certified history of the Maltese islands and have a detailed story in themselves, therefore the art of map making is not only a current investment but in a period of time the guarantee of cost return is of a substantial value over the years.

All maps, views and books are genuine antique items and the pictures here do not reflect their actual beauty.

If you have any queries about your possessions, please do not hesitate to ask, as I am willingly ready to examine carefully and give a detailed history of the map, view or book. Should you wish information or purchase an item which is not listed, kindly do send us a message. This can be done by appointment and confidentiality is a priority.

Maltese cartography is very rare and popular and never stops fascinating me, as every other day something new surfaces in an auction, private collection or an inheritance that has been shelved for years and it would have been the answer to my question.

Malta has an immense interesting history, and with your help and passion for collecting, it would be a pleasure seeing a beautiful map in your home, office, hotel or any other warm environment.

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